Download UC MINI – UC browser download for Android

Download UC Mini Browser – UC browser download for Android: UC Browser Mini is nothing changed but a minor or minute browser that is an auxiliary of UC browser app. UC Browser Mini is commonly used by billions of people around the globe and it is best suitable for those smartphone internet users who have less storage capacity on their devices. UC Browser Mini is less in megabytes but it is full of astonishing features. UC browser Mini sized up to Mb which is precise relaxed and fast to download. UC Browser Mini for Android is a moral alternative to many browsers found for Android devices. It has a simple interface but comprises all the features required to have a pleasant browsing practice.

“Private, fast and Secure Tiny browser for Android Internet”

Download UC Mini Browser - UC browser download for Android


Download UC mini a fast internet browser to enjoy the following features:

  • Fast downloading.
  • Optimized layout (graphics and web pages).
  • 2MB data.
  • Night mode: Switch to night mode
  • Incognito Browsing: protects your privacy.
  • Control Videos with Gestures: Video progress and volume adjustment are controlled by gestures.
  • Tiny Browser: its small package, providing great browsing experience!
  • Navigation Cards: Get local content & services (such as videos, cricket, etc) on your navigation.
  • Smart downloading in smartphones: supports multiple, contextual, and cloud downloading with auto relinking.

“ Multi- Download Internet browser”


2017Current Version
UC web, Mini Browser Version 10.7.8UC web, Mini Browser Version  11.0.6
Android Requirement is 2.2 or higher.Android Requirement is 4.0 or higher.
Download free UC Mini Browser, 1.72MB.Download free UC Mini Browser

 Download UC MINI - UC browser download for Android

Install UC Browser Mini:

Download UC Browser Mini for Android applications.

  • Go to
  • Search UC browser APK.
  • Download and enjoy android HD browser

Key Points:

  • Saves phone data.
  • Quick access options.
  • Fast Internet surfing:
  • Saves Battery.
  • 100% safe browser.

Due to the astonishing features existing in such a tiny pack invites the internet users a lot and particularly those who have small space in their smartphones as they were not able to Download UC browser in their phones but presenting such a remarkable mini browser satisfy all their needs to browse and Internet surfing at a high speed.

“The UC mini app is free from viruses and safe to download which ensure that security and privacy of smartphones cannot be compromised.”

“Add blocker provides a rich browsing experience which may not be possible with other internet browsers”.


Download UC Mini Browser – UC browser download for Android: While you are surfing on the phone, with the display being small when related to other tools and a PC, it is a good feature that UC mini deals quick contact to many cards that can be located in the app on the home page and can easily be accessed. This includes access to many public media locations where you can check in quickly, and post things. This app is updated constantly that attracts the users. In addition, list of cards is not limited.


Download UC Mini Browser – UC browser download for Android

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