UC Browser is turning into the new Microsoft Edge – Free Download UC Browser

Free Download UC Browser: Microsoft Edge will eventually serve as the replacement of internet browsers for windows 10. Microsoft edge is designed in such a way that can operate on PC, mobile devices, tablets, and laptops. It is fast and lightweight browser. Microsoft Edge browser consumes less memory and enables the features like highlighting the notes, annotating the web pages and reading articles. It was introduced last year for Windows 10 operating system.

UC Browser is turning into the new Microsoft Edge - Free Download UC Browser

UC Browser and Microsoft Edge:

UC Browser or Microsoft Edge browser has much speed in comparison to the other internet explorers. UC browser is one of the fastest browsers. Microsoft Edge is also fast. The uses of the browsers depend upon the type of operating system in use and type of network.

Download Free UC Browser:

UC browser is turning to Microsoft Edge. It has all the features for windows browsing as compared to that of Microsoft Edge and can be used as a replacement for Microsoft Edge. Download free UC Browser to enjoy the latest windows browsing experiencing. UC Browser is:

  • Fast & free to download.
  • Always available.
  • Tested virus free.

Download UC browser latest version for windows with following details:

  • Version: 6.0.1807.1000
  • Size: 1.35 MB.
  • Compatibility: Operating System.
  • Licensed: Free.
  • Language: English


UC Browser Features:

UC Browser app is free to download. The application can be downloaded from the play store. UC browser can download videos faster like that of Microsoft Edge browser. UC Browser video downloader should be installed on the system to download free videos to your system or mobile. Video downloader enables to download videos from web pages like YouTube or Vimeo. Once the UC video is downloaded a control button appears when system or mobile detects any video. Simply click on the control button that appears on video. The video will be downloaded within few minutes.

UC Browser is turning into the new Microsoft Edge - Free Download UC Browser

UC Browser for Windows operating system and mobile windows phone is one of the best Browsers. It provides browsing experience similar to that of Microsoft Edge. Therefore, UC Browser is turning to Microsoft edge. Download free UC Browser latest for windows that has the following properties:


  1. Background Download: UC Browser is best for those who download files and other data. This feature enables you to download even the browser is closed. The programs or files download in the background.
  2. Wi-Fi Sharing: Windows updated UC Browser enables to transfer files between PC, tablet and mobile phones that allows you to share downloaded files with other devices through Wi-Fi.
  • UDisk: If the storage media is not sufficient for download. UC Browser app provides UDisk that gives you space for downloading videos and music on the cloud.
  1. Optimized Preloading: It gives the reading experience of downloading the next page while you are at the end of a current page.
  2. Themes and Customization: It allows you to customize the theme according to your desire.

“Free Download UC Browser”


UC Browser is turning into the new Microsoft Edge – Free Download UC Browser

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