Everything you need to know about Microsoft certification, training, and opportunities

Microsoft is the leading service provider when it comes to offering answers and a stage for the public with respect to commercial as well as private use. Now you can go for Microsoft training and armed with the certification you can apply as a professional for servers, desktop usage, applications, developer and database platforms.

What you get

With a Microsoft certification, you can showcase your ability to execute the solutions for solving precise business related and private issues. For all you IT professionals a Microsoft certification furthers your career opportunities as you can highlight your skills when it comes to obtaining solutions for problems with respect to the Microsoft platforms of the Windows operating system and the Office ecosystem.

How you get a certification and the associated perks

All you need to do is take a specialized certification exam. The general notion is the furthering of the career advancement options when it comes to a Microsoft certification. The benefits of a Microsoft training program can be listed as the following,

Increase your visibility

As a trained IT professional you need to increase your visibility when it comes to beating the competition to get a position at a firm or service provider sector. Proof of proficiency and adaptability for using the Microsoft platforms increases the visibility of your CV to the recruiters at the job hosting portals and platforms for example LinkedIn.

Highlight your dedication

As a personal or professional development recruiter is always on the lookout for dedicated professionals looking to learning new tricks and self-betterment, the Microsoft certification is a surefire way to appeal to them. It shows your commitment and love for knowledge all the while highlighting your dedication.

Technical problem solver

The Microsoft architecture, being easy to use and improvise around is commonly deployed to fit business needs. With a Microsoft certification, you will have access to incentives provided by Microsoft which aren’t available to the regular users, and this can be the silver bullet in your arsenal while on the lookout for new opportunities. A customized solution within the Microsoft infrastructure is what you will provide, and you will be valued highly for it.

Benefits of the certification program in business

A fruitful relationship

The Microsoft platform is one of the more advanced platforms when it comes to business dealings. If you are Microsoft certified the client you are working for will have more confidence in you as you are staying abreast with the current trends and the latest developments for the IT industry. You earn respect and trust you deserve.

Boost productivity

Your professional certification is a trademark your professionalism and productivity. Research studies all around the world has shown professionals with proper certifications are the best when it comes to doing business with them. Your organization will value you as a troubleshooter for various developer issues, and IT related problems.

Boost confidence

If your employer uses the Microsoft platforms explicitly for various dealings and implementation processes, he/she will have a lot of confidence while delegating tasks to you. It is highly beneficial as you can be comfortable while working under such conditions of complete truth, respect and privacy.

Microsoft Certification Program

There are 6 different Microsoft certification categories from which you can choose, and they are –

  1. Mobility

Professionals looking to highlight the abilities when it comes to mobility management can opt for this certification program. Microsoft Intune and Right Management are some of the platforms you will be working with.

  1. Cloud

With a Microsoft cloud certification, you are showcasing your skills and knowledge about the cloud communications and services on the Azure and other platforms. You will additionally be working with Windows Server Virtualization.

  1. Productivity

This certificate will highlight your skills and abilities to offer productive solutions when it comes to Microsoft cloud solutions. You will be working with SharePoint, Office 365 and Exchange.

  1. Data

A data certificate will allow the user to highlight the competency when it comes to handling Microsoft Business Intelligence solutions and the SQL server.

  1. App Builder

The certification is probably the most popular one right now. You will be working with software and app development using Microsoft solutions.

  1. Business

A Microsoft business certification will enable the candidate to highlight the efficiency when it comes to using Microsoft Dynamics technologies and the SQL server.

Microsoft Certification Levels

At present, there are 3 levels of certification when you go for Microsoft training, and they are the Microsoft Technology Associate, Certified Solutions Associate and Certified Solutions Experts.

Microsoft Certified Technical Associate 

Microsoft technical associate certifications validate your claim to be a Microsoft certified professional and is a learner certificate for IT pros.

Microsoft Office Specialist

These certificates focus on the basic understanding of the Microsoft office environment. That is a pre-requisite for further degrees of the MCSA and the MCSE.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate

With this degree, you will learn all the details about the understanding and applications of the major skills required to use all the Microsoft technologies. It is an expert level certification.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert

The MCSE is a level above the MCSA, and it highlights the IT professional’s proficiency at innovative approaches to problems while deploying the Microsoft platforms and solutions.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer

The MCSD is the leader in certificate and makes you a super-pro! With this certificate, you can highlight your skill as a mobile and web application developer. You will be solving technological design and development troubles extensively using the Microsoft platform and tools.

The list of Microsoft Certifications includes the following –

  • Microsoft Specialist Certificates
  • Microsoft Certified Trainer Certificate
  • Microsoft Certified Educator Certificate
  • Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certifications
  • Microsoft Technical Associate (MTA) Certifications
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) Certifications
  • Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD) Certifications
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) Certifications

With a Microsoft certification, you can open up diverse opportunities in the IT industry for yourself. Study and successfully clear a Microsoft certification exam and make yourself eligible for all the job and career advancement opportunities. Achieve the levels of recognition and respect you deserve as a top-notch IT expert.

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