A Thriving Brand Presence Right On Instagram – Steps That You Need To Follow

Instagram is stated to be number one example when it comes to social media platform where people will end up sharing and discovering new products, places, and experiences. Around 80% of the IG users will voluntarily connect with the brand on IG. People are always trying to engage with brands on IG, which is 10 times more powerful than FB, 54 times more than Pinterest and definitely 84 times more than Twitter. Right on the flip side, around 71% of brands have proper accounts on IG as the people follow brand 75% more likely to take action.

Getting yourself one consistent and strong IG presence helps in building brand awareness and also create lasting relationships. It can easily result in some of the long-term organic growth. It is always important to have a presence but not any just one. Your brand always needs to stand out in the crowd.  You can take an example from Kvell, which is an influencer and creative studio, known for building brands and creating some thumb stopping content on social media. They are ready to help you in defining IG strategy, branding and get to develop engaging content to connect with the community all while having some fun. You will come to learn more about such influencers from Gramblast right now.

Moving forward with some followers in here:

There are so many startups, which have approached experts, as they are actually having trouble in gaining some followers. They are just able to garner around 1K followers after working for six months, and could not seem to move past that count. It is quite difficult for any brand, whether big or small, whenever they are trying to make a name of their brand. They might have some well-curated feed, which has sparked some of the visual benchmarks. But what they are actually missing is the acquisition strategy.

There are some instances when you might come across huge disconnects with the target audience as viewers fail to feel connected enough to just stick around for long term. They are able to tackle this head by implementing and building a distinct brand voice, speaking directly to key consumers of the brand. For that, those brands need to have engaging games, influencer campaigns and even visuals, which will be featuring products during some relevant holidays and cultural events. In no time, these brands are definitely going to get followers in 50 to 100 thousand, if not more.

Make way for the perfect strategy first:

You can kick off the projects by just working with clients for developing a certain brand strategy for the IG users. This strategy is going to be the foundation, which everyone will externally and internally use for staying right on brand. Working on a stronger strategy will help everyone to just see clearly on how the brand seems to stand out and how it has presented itself in front of the entire world.

  • The experts are likely to explore what the major takeaways need to be and will check at the competitive market to see how you can differentiate a brand from others.
  • Moreover, you have to work hard in conducting some consumer research to check on what inspires, motivates and even excite the larger section of the audience.
  • Once you get a better understanding of the brand positioning, objectives, messaging, goals and target audience, the experts will help you in distilling information garnered right into key insight.
  • It will form the basis of the strategic recommendation, which is not just going to allow for any clarification of brand story but also can be the foundation to inspire creative work in the best ways possible.
  • The primary question over here for you to ask is why would anyone want to follow your company on IG when the competition is tough? When you got the answer, you got the strategy rightfully covered with ease.

Focus on the voice and tone:

After you have defined the strategy of the brand, it is mandatory to establish a tone for the said account. This tone is going to be the personality of the brand as expressed through some of the captions and content.

  • Creating a proper and consistent voice will bring in some authenticity to brand and loyalty right from the follower base.
  • Depending on the research as conducted on the said target audience, the team is able to determine whether the voice and tone for the account will be fun, friendly, provocative, informative, inspirational, eclectic, and innovative or anything else.

More about the feel and look of it all:

When you are through with the brand’s tone, now it is time for the visual services, which are felt and look. The feel and even the look of the account are how you get to express the tone visually. For that, you are asked to explore various visual approaches like illustration, photography, crafts, design and more. It can further work on photographic styles as well, such as studio, lifestyle and more.

  • The options might work hard in resonating with the audience and then align with the narrative of the brand.
  • The primary ingredient over here is to establish some of the curation rules and working hard to stick to it.
  • By adding and creating one consistent visual aesthetic, the brand will strike a perfect and emotional chord and connect well with the viewers on personal ground.

Make way for the content:

You have to work hard in developing concepts for content by typing up in brand messaging and story. For that, you need to explore the truthful human insights for creating contents. These contents should evoke any of the specified feelings and make work suitable for instant sharing once viewed. Moreover, you are asked to create various content types for testing out and check how people respond to that. Beautiful content can inspire and entertain the audience more, which will grow your values too.

Be sure to get these points listed out in case you want a thriving brand presence on IG platform right now for sure.

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